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TKO Plumbing, Heating and A/C

4900 Obrien Way

Keller, TX 76248

(817) 847-1309

We had fixed our broken water pipe through them. A mexican guy came with 2 of his young apprentices and his young apprentices worked while he watched and directed them. One of his apprentices had no experience at all. Soon after they were done, we noticed that our bathroom faucet and bath shower waters came at a very reduced flow.

This company denied it that it was due to the work they did on fixing water pipe hole. We called them asking to look at it intermittely inbeween and made do with the reduced water flow. Okay, After 6 months or so they send the same Mexican guy and his young apprentice to look at the reduced water flow in the bathroom kitchen and bath shower. This mexican guy ignored the bathroom faucet and worked on the bathroom shower. He had a couple of basic tools. He found that some teflon wrap was sticking in the shower valve.

Now he had no appropriate tools to remove the teflon plastic that was stuck in the shower valve!! He asked me for a paper clip and after I had given a paper clip to him he opened it up full and held one of them at end of one of his screw driver type thing and tried to pull teflon plastic out of where it was stuck in the shower valve!!!

He tried it 3-4 times and then told me this is all he could do!!! Most of the teflon plastic is still stuck in the shower valve. His apprentice gave me 1 teflon plastic piece and I saw may be 1 or 2 more.

Then this mexican guy from this company charged me $165 for all this!!! And he did not even fix the problem.


1. He did not come to work with appropriate tools. He already knew something was stuck in shower valve but he had not brought any appropriate tools to take that out.

2. He wrote on the receipt that he had taken out bunch of teflon plastic from shower valve. I only saw 3 pieces of teflon plastic.

3. He wrote that he had increased water flow to 80% but I see only 50% water flow increase.

4. His apprentice played with the bathroom faucet and now my bathroom faucet has even more reduced water flow!

5. Don't hire this company to fix anything. You will not be happy with their shoddy work.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #663822

This is the most horrible company ever,

AC went out it took them about 3 days just to show up

then when the Guy came and so called "fixed the problem"

it went out again not even two days later,

so we had to call them out again to fix it and wait another 2days

in a hot house when its in the 90's outside!

And also not to mention you will still have to pay the charge for them coming out,

even to fix THERE mistakes.

bottom line is go with a different company you will not regret it

but if you like getting the run around and a half a$$ job done

then TKO plumbing

is just the sorry company for you.


I would never use this company again

Essex, Maryland, United States #286810

TKO is one of the worst plumbing companies in Dallas / Ft. worth. We had a slab leak and a so called master plumber came out to fix the problem. He attempted to fix the problem but only made it worse. He busted up concrete and tunneled under the house. He left the tunnel uncovered and never returned. It rained under the house, and his workers got dust and concrete on everything in the room.

Because I thought they would be completed that day, I wrote them a check that they gladly cashed. They have not returned to complete the work, and I found out from a real plumber that the work that he did complete was out of code.

NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They are scam artist and know nothing about plumbing.

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